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Firmware upgrade

Firmware versions

Model Date Firmware Release notes CLI Web API
k1-100 & k1-101 30.05.2014 k1-100-fw-rev754.bin.zip Release notes CLI Web API
k1-092 30.05.2014 k1-092-fw-rev754.bin.zip Release notes CLI Web API

How to upgrade using a web browser

For this to work, kwikwai must be connected via its ethernet port. (Ethernet geeks: please note jumbo frames are not supported.)

  1. Download the desired firmware file (see above)
  2. Go to the "Firmware upgrade" page in the Web Interface and click on the "Restart in firmware upgrade mode" button.
  3. Kwikwai restarts restart and displays this page. The left LED is blinking.
  4. Select the file you just downloaded and click "Send file" button. Wait while kwikwai displays this message.
  5. Once the upgrade is performed, kwikway restarts and redirects you to the Web Interface. The new version is displayed in the bottom left corner.

In case of trouble

Push the reset button, wait 20 seconds and reload the page. You should be back to the Web Interface, ready to try again. Note that pressing the reset button has the side effect of replacing your settings with the defaults.

If the procedure above does not resurrect your kwikwai, maybe the USB/serial procedure below will.

How to upgrade using serial or usb

For this to work, kwikwai must be connected via its serial or USB port (with the appropriate driver installed for the latter). See Serial How To.

  1. Download the desired firmware file (see above)
  2. Restart kwikwai in firmware upgrade mode using the command "reboot:upgrade"
  3. Kwikwai restarts and prints an 'Xmodem' prompt and 'C' characters regularly. The left LED is blinking.
  4. Right after the prompt, send the file using XModem or XModem-1K. On a Mac, make sure you use Binary mode, not MacBinary.
  5. Wait for the file to be transmitted fully. Kwikwai prints "Received xxx bytes"
  6. Press 'm' on the keyboard to boot into the main firmware you just upgraded to

Here is a sample transcript. Note that the number and position of the 'C' characters (actually a part of the XModem protocol) may vary. Various other messages may appear depending on the state of the ethernet port.

! init done, listening to commands
reboot:upgrade                                                  <- 2.
OK reboot:upgrade                             
! Switching to bootloader
                                                                <- 3.
! **** REBOOT ****
! Kwikwai bootloader 1.3.4
! MACAddr=00:50:C2:AD:80:02
! Checking current firmware
! Current firmware OK
! Welcome to bootloader
! You may press 'm' to return to KWIKWAI
CCCCCCCC! Use XMODEM or the web to upload a firmware image
                                                                <- 4.
! Received 121856 bytes                                         <- 5. 
! Firmware stored
CCCCm! Rebooting to KWIKWAI                                     <- 6.    
CC! Starting main firmware
! **** REBOOT ****
! Kwikwai firmware 1.0r379
! sysclk: 8000 kHz
! MACAddr=00:50:C2:AD:80:02
! init done, listening to commands
OK version:get 1.0r379