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What is HDMI CEC?

Introduction to CEC

Installation and configuration

How should I install my kwikwai device ?

Everything's here.

The device is connected through usb but doesn't seem to be powered up !?

Most of the time the usb connected device must be powered on, but you can also use a universal usb charger.

How can I control kwikwai

Have a look here to see how to connect to kwikwai and the different ways to control it.

Firmware upgrade

How can I upgrade the firmware ?

The whole process is detailed right here.

Device information

What is the meaning of the 3 LEDs ?

  • Left LED (the one closest to the reset button) : power (vcc)
  • Middle LED : glows for DHCP/IP4LL, lit for fixed IP
  • Right LED : "blinks" with DDC/CEC data or quickly blinks (2x/sec) while in bootloader


Typing "kwikwai" in my browser always results in going on the kwikwai website !

Your browser may understand "kwikwai" as "www.kwikwai.com", therefore you need to type >http://kwikwai.